About Us

FACCMA, the Argentine Federation of Maccabee Community Centers, is a non-profit organization that brings together 43 institutions, including community centers, socio-sports entities, and clubs. Together, they form an extensive national community network that unites 50,000 people within the Federation.

The mission of FACCMA is to coordinate and collaborate with its member organizations in their efforts to develop cultural, educational, and sports programs, and to enrich the leisure time of their members within a Jewish framework.

Faithful to its vision, mission, and underlying values, FACCMA supports its affiliates in bringing families together, organizing educational, sports, and artistic events for thousands of young people, preserving and continuing Jewish life, and fostering various forms of mass participation, while maintaining high standards of quality in all its initiatives.

All the programs developed by FACCMA seek to promote strong ties with Argentina, the land of our birth, which shelters and provides opportunities, while also encouraging a spiritual outlook, a sense of accomplishment, and hope towards the State of Israel, which gives us a sense of peoplehood.

These factors make FACCMA an energetic, active, and renowned community social organization.

Due to these reasons and being a non-governmental, non-profit civil organization, it needs to generate resources to finance the development of its programs.

In Argentina, it is part of the highest level of community leadership.

Internationally, it is affiliated with CLAM (Latin American Maccabi Confederation) and, through it, with the World Maccabi Union Movement.


From FACCMA, the organizing committee for the Pan American Maccabi Games emerges, composed of eight functional areas led by an Executive Director and a Committee President.

The vision of this organization is to hold the best Pan American Maccabi Games in terms of sports, culture, and education, reflecting a united, integrated, and participative Argentine Jewish community.

As for the mission, our goal is to promote the integral development of the Zionist Jewish community through the dissemination of Maccabean values and the construction of an institutional, sports, and cultural legacy.

The values we seek to represent are friendship, respect, excellence, and Jewish identity.